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Created in 2019, the Q-Group joined SQC and ASJIT services.

Quality business

At the moment, the Q-Group comprises a wide range of diverse or complementary services to help our clients in the most various areas and industries.


Always focused on innovation and quality of service, the Q-Group has a young dynamic staff which is properly trained to meet the most demanding services’ requests.

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Integrated Quality Systems and Consultancy

With over 18 years of experience in the quality of automotive industry, SQC - Integrated Systems of Quality and Consultancy - has its own logistics management and storage facilities. Moreover, it deals with Quality Engineering, Internal and External Audits, Quality Walls in the client premises and in third party locations, Laboratory Support, Sorting and Containment Actions and also with Training in Quality.

Mechanic Fixing Car

Automotive Support
Just in Time

The growing confidence and know-how led to the establishment of a new company, ASJIT - Automotive Support Just in Time, in 2007. It is specialised in provision of services, such as Inspection, Sorting and Rework; Pre-assembly; Assistance in Assembly Lines (occasional increase in production or absenteeism); Transport, Receipt and Expedition of Goods; Logistical Support and Storing Facilities; Outsourcing.

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