It is a remarkable tool that has greatly improved and boosted the company’s services.

Software Report Online System

SQC has been developing its own software since 2017 to meet its clients’ needs.


Its collaborators collect inspection data on a daily basis, uploading it and making it available online as well as in the S-ROS App. This allows the client to easily and effectively monitor the inspection phase and make the necessary adjustments in real time.

• Information available at any location

• Faster communication

• Faster report execution

• More information collected

• Increased capacity and speed of making reports

• Offline communication analysis





• Better reports' analysis

• Quick access to information 

• Online reports available 

• Report analysis anytime, anywhere

• Stock control

S-ROS allows you to analyse quality control information of the components through a set of available charts. Choose the RPT and time range you want to analyse and interact with the available charts to quickly analyse the desired information.

The application allows SQC and AS.JIT staff to share their field work with clients in real time.

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